Public Education

Now more than ever, it is critical that our elected officials stand with our teachers and students. Pam Dechert is the only candidate endorsed by the Indiana State Teachers Association and has been committed to funding our schools since before she was running for office. She was instrumental in passing a $191 million referendum to improve safety and education in Lawrence Township Schools. She knows that attracting the best teaching talent for our children starts with paying them a competitive wage. The daughter of teachers herself, she understands that investing in our children is a top priority and will do just that as your state representative. 

Healthy and Fair Economy

Pam understands that economic strength comes from a combination of investing in the present and in the future.  During her time at Blackbaud, the leading cloud software company powering social good, she has brought in new non-profit clients, runs a services team for a $30 million product line, and leads teams of consultants to help improve the effectiveness of technology use in non-profits. She will use that business know-how to secure Indiana’s economic strength now and for future. She plans on empowering small businesses, the backbones of our communities, attracting employers in the technology and green energy sectors, and levelling the playing field so all Hoosiers can enjoy economic prosperity. She is pro-business, pro-union, and pro-Hoosier worker. 

Healthcare Costs

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of access to quality, affordable
healthcare. Pam Dechert is committed to capping the cost of prescription drugs and expanding healthcare options for all Hoosiers. She is passionate about improving Indiana's abysmal infant and mother mortality rates and will work to support reproductive rights for Hoosier women. Pam will fight for those Hoosiers who have fallen through the gaps of our current system because no one should have to choose between paying rent, feeding their family, or going to the doctor.

Infrastructure and Environment

Pam wants your tax dollars to work for you. Improving roads and strengthening the infrastructure in our communities should be a priority, not an afterthought. We need elected officials who are committed to promoting the well-being of our cities and towns in the long-term not just short-term projects to get reelected. Pam will do just that, advocating for clean energy technology to boost our long-term economy and supporting improvements in our roads and bridges that affect the lives of everyday Hoosiers.

Equity and Equality

Indiana should be for everyone. Pam knows that unique perspectives, experiences, and
backgrounds are vital to effective lawmaking . She will fight to ensure that every Hoosier has
access to legal resources, help rethink our incredibly costly criminal reform institutions, and
advocate for legislation that recognizes the brutality of racially motivated crimes. She has been actively involved in anti-racism efforts in local community groups and believes that in Our Home and Our Indiana, everyone should feel welcome.



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